To paint the face of reality in words without scratching it’s lineament is a rare finesse.

One stuck in the clutches of different schools of thought is bound to possess a soft corner for its perspective and espousal. In the contemporary society there is an ardent trend in moulding one’s self in accordance with canons of a particular ideology. Nothing foul in that, folly comes in play when it becomes an obsession. The outlooks may vary and it should, but the parameters on which it is going to be fenced, better to be by a sound and unprejudiced mind, not by deep-rooted stereotypes and claptrap of deceptive ideals. Pragmatic side too must be explored.

I said in the beginning only ‘a rare finesse’, as this artistry in the end needs to be reflected on the lens of reader.In this learned world, Even the reality becomes subjective because myriad explanations will stranglehold you in such a manner that in the end you might find yourself examining the reality of interpretation not vice-versa.


In today’s era of digital media, every information is a click away. This generation is engulfed by the plethora of exposure. Ya, obviously credit goes to apps, search engines, electronic media, social media etc. It’s great, but wait…..

What about you?? As the human beings we carry the glory of most developed brain on the planet. It took millions of years to earn this fame. Somehow unknowingly you are tarnishing it. The hustle of cosmetic world is compelling you to take every incoming data, fact, opinion, articles, news etc. at its face value, in the meantime you forget that it needs to be scrutinized first in the well laid out cognitive faculties of the mind. Once you miss this opportunity, you are prone to join the chorus of cacophony around you.

Technology is doing its task, but dont enmesh yourself in such a manner, where your common sense, analytical and retention skills start departing if you are not letting them breath and suffocating it with the burden of inactivity.


Radicalization in Valley in the name of religion and nourishment of anti-national sentiments in a systematic manner has led to the bloodshed of thousands of our soldiers in recent years. Nowadays there is a bandwagon of Human rights, stone Pelters are labelled as ‘मासूम भटके नौजवान‘. Its very romantic to sit on a couch, sipping hot coffee and commenting in a fluent english ”Talks are the only way for Kashmir”. Remember not to forget, you can never draw the contours of a nation on a canvas, it is first proved on the ground not by yardstick BUT BY TANKS.

Even in the 21st century don’t forget we Revere America as the strongest nation not because of their intellectuals. Many Nations follow and others fear because they have a mighty military, we need to understand even the power of pen not lies in pen, it is the beholder.

कलयुग में क्षमा वीरों का आभूषण नहीं है।


Chaos is the Charisma of imagination.

Read it again, you will start catching it. Imagination is something which is THE most comfortable space with yourself. All the scripts which you possess close to your heart can be published here, but the problem is sometimes people get so much into that it starts hampering the course of reality. It’s good to have imagination, but dont try to enact it without the favourable environment and that you need to make it first.